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About The Service

Text4Bail is a service connecting a network of trusted Bail agents with potential customers. Backed by one of the biggest names in bail, Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company, Text4Bail ensures that every request generated is routed to a qualified Bail Bond professional proximate to the requestors location. Additionally, each agent is given their own page on the Text4Bail index, with every lead generated being directed routed to that agent.

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What we do
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Provided free of charge, each agent is provided a customized page on the Text4Bail index, a listing through the 4bail short-code, and access to the text4bail website widget.

Text4Bail Agent Profile Page

Every agent is provided with a customized Text4Bail profile page displaying relevant contact info, logos, and other information. Click the link to learn more.

Website Widget

We give every agent access to our Text4Bail website widget! This product increases the conversion rate of website visitors by relaying users contact info directly to the agent. Click the link to learn more.

Listing in t4b Index

All our bond referrals are relayed to our local agents. At no cost to the agent. When we generate a lead from the parent site, and; we relay that info the agent assigned the zipcode.

Web site Widget

As part of the Text 4 Bail Program. Our agents are provided with the Text 4 Bail widget for their primary website.

Increase Conversion Rate/

Our widget sends Bail requestor phone number and location directly to a phone number or email of the agents choice.

No integration Expense/

We cover every aspect of setup from start to finish.

Fully Compatible/

Works with all browsers and all devices. Our widget looks great on mobile!

/Lower Collect-Call Cost

Users send their information direct with the agent choosing how to respond.

/Automatic Updates

Any time we update the service, it instantly updates on your site

/Clean Layout

Simple design and minimal user entry maximizes the conversion rate.

The goal of Text4Bail is simple, generate leads for our Agents! Do you need help with your primary website, local mappintg, SEO, or Paid Search? We Can Help!

Text4Bail Index

Besides generating leads directly, Text4Bail agents primary websites are referenced promoting the relevance of our agents. This results in a higher SEO score and relevance while reducing your cost for paid ads.

10000 +

Bail Bonds Posted

38 +

Nationwide Coverage

100 +

Bail Agents Listed

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Extraordinary Company

Agent Profile Page

Each agent listed through the Text4Bail service gets their own personalized sub-domain. Example - This page is a seperatly indexed and discoverable page from your primary website. This results in more of the top search results being your business! Additionally, these sub-domains support the agents primary website by increasing the quality score, driving PPC cost down and organic relevance up.

Need help with your primary Website?

We can help! Take a look at the other services available through Text4Bail.

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